About Stacey

Stacey was born July 11, 1986. Her parents are David and Connie Meyer, and she has three brothers (two older, one younger), Donald, Alex, and Jimmy. She also has four nephews, Logan, Jake, Donald Jr. (Little D), and Joseph.

I would consider myself an easy-going, fun-loving kind of girl who has a slight obsession with music. All kinds of music. I never really thought of my dream wedding as a kid, so I assumed that trying to put this little shin-dig together in less than a year was going to be super difficult. Luckily, we have some amazingly talented friends that help make plannning this all a million times easier. - Stacey



About Kevin

Kevin was born April 21, 1986. His parents are Dion and Pam Watry, and he has one younger brother, Alex.

I am awesome. Period. Admit it, you're all coming out to see me and my beautiful day. I AM GROOMZILLA! - Kevin

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